Forsan Nuvella Sofa and Loveseat Set


-1 sofa (optional memory foam sofa sleeper)
-1 loveseat
-4 accent pillows


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-1 sofa (optional memory foam sofa sleeper)
-1 loveseat
-4 accent pillows

-Sofa: 84.00” W x 38.00” D x 38.00” H
-Loveseat: 61.00” W x 38.00” D x 38.00” H


Nuvella Features:
-Nuvella upholstery features dyed synthetic fibers created by the dye being added to the molten polymer and extruded into colored fibers resulting in a 100% penetration of color into the fibers to insure Color Fastness & Anti-Fading.
-Fabric yields high performances for stain resistance, colorfastness to light and Increased abrasion making this excellent for high traffic areas.
-Fabric is easy to clean allowing the consumer to clean the material with a solution of bleach & water without worrying about a stain or fading issue.
-Fabric meets or exceeds ALL standardized testing requirements
for normal household upholstery products.
-Features a much smaller environmental impact due to the solution dye process not generating waste water and featuring 100% recyclable fiber.


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Normal sofa, Sofa sleeper


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